An Intergalactic Requiem for an Ephemeral Species

– They remained true to themselves until their last wheeze – Prelude A relatively small number of discussions in relation to the Corona virus are now circulating in the – increasingly unsubstantial, increasingly virtual – global public sphere, which, on the one hand, in cataclysmic apocalyptic tone of doomsday prophecies, and, on the other hand, … Continue reading An Intergalactic Requiem for an Ephemeral Species

What is left in Britain?

Britain was the first country to introduce modern capitalism. This has shaped the entire society. British companies are highly competitive, often playing fast and loose and sometimes outside of the law. British politics is defined by its binary competition between left and right. Parliament’s house of commons is constructed that way, two sides opposing each … Continue reading What is left in Britain?


Large parts of English society, including many working class people, have joined in a nationalist frenzy. They blame immigrants for most problems, European countries for a few others and at the same time dream about starting new imperial adventures. This has become mainstream politics in Britain. Additionally, the far right is campaigning to get Muslims … Continue reading Blight(y)