An Intergalactic Requiem for an Ephemeral Species

– They remained true to themselves until their last wheeze –


A relatively small number of discussions in relation to the Corona virus are now circulating in the – increasingly unsubstantial, increasingly virtual – global public sphere, which, on the one hand, in cataclysmic apocalyptic tone of doomsday prophecies, and, on the other hand, in the sanctimonious tone of the believer in progress, science and future, ask the question of what will happen to the world, to human society and to people in general during, and especially after, the corona pandemic.

One subspecies, namely the cool, self-assured type of scientist, who often appears in the form of a professor or at least a medical professional and who slowly and clearly articulates the truth about corona, deserves special mention in this confusion. He points out that science is not about the so-called dead, but only about scientifically verified data. He convincingly explains that the innumerable corpses, some of which are vertically stacked, some simply lying on their own, or otherwise piled on top of each other, cannot obscure the objective view of the genuine scientist, namely that the evidence-based data derived from validated research results now finally proves and confirms the assumption, not entirely unknown in serious research, that whoever dies earlier is dead for a longer time. By vigorously emphasizing the resulting – and indeed obvious – consequence that the last grounds for the raging corona scaremongering have also been removed, he calls on governments to put an end to all anti-civilization defeatist profanity and finally let reason speak again.

A counterweight to this type of data-counting specialist is formed by the category of the corpse counting layperson. To this category belongs the person who approaches the whole complex from the perspective of a national sport – the only perspective he knows. The nature of the competition, including the techniques and tricks used by the competitors, may seem unusual, but the language of the fans is the same old, familiar language: the unshaved, big-mouthed Americans who are finally being rewarded for what they have long deserved; the incapable Italians who know no hygiene, the law breaking, Moorish-Jewish contaminated Spaniards, etc. But everyone knows who, in the end, despite all the unsportsmanlike tricks and cunning of the opposing parties, will be crowned with the corona pandemic’s world champion crown. Because it is “the German who is chosen by the world spirit to work on the eternal building of the human edifice during this war of strife.”

Additionally, the intellectual philanthropist, the believer in one of around 4,227 religions, the Marxist, who believes in the fundamentally good in man and in the victory of communism, must not be forgotten. He notes in connection with the corona pandemic that “this world will not be the same afterwards”, that “this is a turning point for humanity”, that “another world will emerge tomorrow” etc. Everywhere from the forums of the left, from newspapers to magazines, from the talk shows on television there is “a great, promising turn for human civilization”, even “the end of capitalism” proclaimed by the representatives of sociology, philosophy and other social scientific and humanities based businesses prophesying “the advent of a completely different social formation based on mutual love and support” etc.

Any earthly creature who could not escape the damnation of having to get to know the human species would, in perplexed reflexivity, raise the undoubtedly legitimate question of why modern man, the veritable Lord on Earth, on suddenly seeing the increasing numbers of dead would put on such a hellish spectacle. Something like this is extremely untypical for humans, since these are precisely the conditions under which humans tend to thrive best. The answer to this question is, however, immediately evident. First, the de facto centre and breeding ground for the great march of death is this time not in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America, Oceania, but directly in the strongholds of civilization, in the gentlemen’s countries where the gentlemen are at home. Secondly, the most powerful, who have unlimited access to everything that the civilization of Homo Sapiens has to offer – the dictators, big capitalists, potentates, magnates, statesmen and women, fat cats, big celebrities and the privileged citizens of the ruling states – are not immune to the Corona death either.

You have to give it its due en passant: the virus does its virologically utmost to ensure absolute justice in both its mode of being and operation. In diametrical contrast to its planetary roommate the human, it is free of prejudice. It discriminates neither negatively nor positively. That it’s still the usual damned – the weak, the slaves and their descendants, the women and their vulnerable daughters, the impoverished, the frail, the minorities, the plebeians, the petty bourgeoisie and the like – who, above all, have to give up the ghost, has nothing to do with the virus itself, but exclusively with the fundamental injustice of the human mode of existence, organization and action.

Returning to the medially staged controversy outlined above, it must be pointed out that there is no practical point in pursuing this path because modern people are unable to deal with questions and content of this kind.

However, there are certainly a few things the species is capable of. It can, for example, in the pauses, that is, when it is not pursuing its main occupation of the annihilation of life, amuse and relax itself with the Internet, television, sports, family & friends, cinema, literature, music, painting, home philosophy, DIY and other comparably fine things. And the really exemplary or privileged specimens can also go inside themselves to search for the origins, the original secrets and reasons for everything that is and is not, and above all for the characteristics of their own singular splendour and grandeur.

That is more or less all that modern man is capable of.

However, in order to be able to theoretically address and process facts such as the current corona pandemic or the world afterwards, the theorizing / processing instance must be something qualitatively other than mankind.

Anticipation of what has Come to Pass

An intelligent entity from the galaxy IC 1101, which would avoid an oversized magnetic storm on one of its routine intergalactic journeys and would have to take a detour through the neighbouring Milky Way instead of the planned route through the Andromeda galaxy, would be a suitable agent for such an undertaking.

While flying past the solar system, the extraterrestrial being would firstly be seized by curiosity due to a huge swarm of uncontrolled raging artefacts swirling around one of the smaller planets and be prompted to take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Moving into orbit closer to Earth, this being would first take notice of the fact that here, for a while, (provided that the extraterrestrial being could do anything with the possibly specifically human concept of time) which, measured on the one hand by the age of the universe and on the other hand by the age of local life in the solar system, has been but a very, very short time, has lived a seriously deleterious species.

Navigating through the myriad pieces of junk – originally from espionage, communication, and observation satellites, rocket stages, space weapon systems, space stations, space telescopes, astronautic equipment, tools, etc. – it would carefully approach the earth.

It then would see that, despite the ubiquity of traces of past cruel abuse, this planet is overflowing with life and energy: a biomass weighing over 550 gigatons consisting of an abundance of life forms. It would also determine:

  • that this planet brought fort life 4 billion years ago, i.e.   only 500 million years after the planet formed,
  • that the human species, which until recently, until its extinction, seems to have been the absolute master of the whole planet, represents only an extremely brief moment, a barely perceptible tiny point, against the background of the historical course of planetary life,
  • so that if there were no traces of its annihilation, the deep, partially scabbed, partially healing wounds across the planet, it would be entirely impossible to recognize that this species even existed
  • that the human species, with less than 0.01% of the earth’s living biomass before its extinction, was not only temporally, but also physically, an extremely insignificant phenomenon on the planet,
  • that this ephemeral species, which was endowed by nature with the ability to speak and think, employed this unique ability, and all of its resulting mental powers not in order, as would be expected, to promote and enrich life and to conquer death, but, on the contrary, to engender the deliberate destruction of life on the planet,
  • and christened the catalogue – kept with solemn pomp and circumstance – of these acts of destruction together with the time-indexed inventory of the produce thereof with the name “civilisation”,
  • that this ability and technology of destruction, termed by this species ‘civilization’, demonstrated a uniquely determined drive and efficiency, so that the damage it caused during its lifetime – in the microscopically short time span of a little more than 5 millennia – to the planet and the life found upon it, was extragalactic in dimension.

This intelligent entity from the galaxy IC 1101 would be happy and relieved, not only for life on the planet – but also at the same time out of concern for its own biological (or otherwise) survival – that this apparition has passed.

To Name and to Kill: The Way to Mankind and its Civilization

The secret behind the fact that Homo Sapiens (the wise man), the youngest member of the Homo genus, has survived all of its kind, and is now the only human species left on the planet, is to be found in the specific and effective manner in which this species deals with its natural and artificial environment: to name and to kill. The former and the latter do not constitute independent entities, but are organic instances or subroutines of the same process.

In this context, two facts should be provided to aid understanding. The first is that, for reasons that are still unclear, Homo Sapiens developed a qualitatively better way of handling the verbal sign than other human species. The second is that he, which is causally related to the first, came to the practical realization that the stone was good not only for grinding grain and seed, but also for bashing in his neighbour’s head, and the plough, with its spikes reinforced with iron plates, was not only ideal for loosening arable soil, but also for splintering a fellow man’s skull. That was also the last genuinely revolutionary discovery / invention by Homo Sapiens. However, it was perfectly sufficient to open up and pave a straight path to modern man and his democratic constitutional state based on Western values. The modern man neither needs nor uses anything else.

Accordingly, we call the one and only organizational mode of Homo Sapiens a “death-driven phallocracy.” All historically verifiable types of human social organization are varieties of this death-driven phallocracy. What was subsequently called human civilization, i.e. the ancient Mesopotamian city-states, the ancient Egyptian empire, and their later descendants, such as the Persian satraps, ancient Greek democracy, the Roman Empire etc., is the monotonous, uniform history of the death-driven phallocracies, their pomp and splendour fed solely by the endless blood, shattered bones, rotting and burned meat of innumerable slaves.

Without the invisible apparatus producing democracy and civilization from the bodies of slaves, Socrates would not have been able to spend his days and nights in cheerful intellectual socialising with sweet Xenophone, graceful Plato and all those other countless beauties, the young sons of wealthy slave owners.

Likewise, Aristotle, the servant and teacher of budding kings and warmongers, could not have written his 130 or so tracts without his slaves, which in turn – God forbid! – would have resulted in the unspeakable disaster that our western civilization would not even have had the chance to germinate in the first place. Because the essential insemination would not have taken place without the groundbreaking, civilization founding ideas and knowledge of Aristotle, that, traversing from physics (e.g. “The fire causes heat but not cooling.”) across economy (e.g. “Of possessions, the best and most valuable is man. It is therefore necessary to first provide yourself with good slaves.), all the way to sociology (e.g. ” To give them food but no punishment and no work makes the slaves insolent.”) revolutionising the totality of the parameters regulating the modes of being and action of the human species.

During the flow of anthropogenic events, which mankind, with its specifically human conceit, gave the name ‘civilization’, there has been since Göbeklitepe, i.e. since around 12,000 years, not even a minor qualitative change. Since then, nothing decisive has changed in the mode in which humans interact with their social and natural environment. Ontologically, the intelligent earthling still stands in exactly the same place where it found itself in the Neolithic period.

Those circumstances that are subsequently declared by modern sciences to be ‘social upheavals’, the so-called ‘milestones in the history of civilization’, are nothing more than quantitative fluctuations in the human continuum of destruction, each correlating with a certain quantitative improvement in the technology of killing and destruction. Logically enough, every new form of death-driven phallocracy, which is also assigned to a higher position on the scale of progress, is largely based on a precisely definable technique of killing and destruction, which could be metonymously characterised by the name of the artefact typical of the respective technological level: stone, sword, composite reflex bow, unmanned remote-controlled battle robot etc.

A Short Story of the Human Present

Even the latest variant of death-driven phallocracy, the modern capitalist mode of organisation, just like all of its ancestors, has to continuously consume life to function. Because phallic power can feed on nothing but death, whereby death occurs as the fuel/driving force of the socio-political power aggregate in two variants: either as factual death (FD) – the whole or partially killed life – or as potential death (PD), impending death. Incidentally, death in this context depends on the ‘killability’ of the human species – and not on its so-called ‘mortality’. The entirety of the so-called modern western civilization grew and flourished on the breeding ground/foundation of the FD. Contemporary stories of certain individual rich world powers serve as a particularly concise and thus pedagogically opportune showcase of this fact.

One of the most pronounced differences between modern civilized democracies and the pre- and extra-capitalist mechanisms of power is that the former have almost completely extra-territorialised factual death and mediated the supply of FD-based energy essential for self-preservation, whereas the latter rely mainly on the direct production of FD. Mixed types have to provide both variants (FD & PD) in large quantities due to their inherent high instability.

With the end of classic colonialism, the centres of western power have shifted FT production to the non-West, but still themselves produce and supply the technologies required for this, and are keen that the production of these system-preserving technologies remains the prerogative of the West.

Since the planet earth is still a quasi-closed system, there can be no wealth without misery. One person’s luxury is always the death (death can also be partial, gradual, etc.) of the other.

Capitalist modernity, the current variant of the death-driven phallocracy, has so revolutionised (mechanised, rationalized, automated, computerized, digitized) the production process (we always have to make sure that it is unmistakably clear that for us production in phallocracies is always, before everything else, killing / annihilation) that the production and consumption pendulum (PCP) has become independent in a certain sense (‘in a certain sense’, because, of course, it remains dependent on the energy-supplying subroutine – killing & destruction).

The enlightened modern man of the ruling West (the West is, of course, not a geographical term) is the most advanced person in the history of civilization, which can and should be paraphrased as the history of the intelligent, i.e. intentioned, deliberate annihilation of life.

That’s why Auschwitz – for example – had to wait for the emergence of the modern, enlightened, well-mannered, humanistically educated, cultivated, democratically minded, law-abiding, cosmopolitan, women-friendly, environment-conscious, etc. man. The pre-modern / pre-capitalist versions of the human species would not have been able to perform that deed. They could not even have come up with the idea given that the necessary general humanistic education and intellectual maturity were not yet in place.

This modern man of the ruling West is now habitually configured in such a way that he is unable to function without the monotonous, comfortably undulating lull of the said pendulum (PCP), although it should also be noted that he has no active, reflective relationship to the production side of the pendulum. He is de facto halved and entirely reduced to the component of consumption. He no longer has any idea how the things he consumes are produced, even if his actual skin and hair are involved in the process of production. He can consume, he must consume.

The independence of the pendulum coupled with the differential human transformed modern capitalism into a subjectless, autonomous, global cybernetic system (CS). The so-called rulers, major capitalists, superpowers, etc. have in fact no more say about the course of sublunary affairs. PCP-innervated capitalism has already freed itself from human actors, its creators. This does not mean that the creators, modern people, are the sufferers or even the victims under this liberation. On the contrary, they are the conscious bearers of this process or circumstance. Day in and day out, they take care of the reproduction, maintenance and servicing of this liberated, self-reliant system.

This being purely for each other, disconnected from all forms of human and other life, of production and consumption, as is the case with any genuine pure love, makes the lovers extremely sensitive to the whims of the beloved. Existentially, the couple becomes an indivisible and extremely delicate whole. As Isolde cannot live without Tristan, consumption cannot last long without production or vice versa.

Given a relatively severe arrhythmia – such as the current corona pandemic – in the tact giving PCP, the entire planetary cybernetic system (CS) starts to stutter. Should the arrhythmia not be brought relatively quickly under control (i.e. before the PCP comes to an absolute standstill), the KS will break down.

Then, at the latest, modern civilized people will begin to do what they do best: kill. Indeed, the only thing he can do is to kill. All other subsequently acquired skills such as cereal cultivation, grinding grain, baking bread, the production of drinking water, livestock farming, ore mining and processing, finding medicinal plants, treating wounds, scraping and filling dental caries etc. along the socio-economic progress of civilisation have been delegated to humanoid or automated servants and slave or, in other words, delegated to the CS, and completely forgotten.

When this arrhythmia takes on an uncontrollable dimension, i.e. – as in the concrete context of the corona pandemic – if the intensive care units become scarce (which they are now almost everywhere) and the majority of those infected could no longer be treated (which is already the case in Italy and elsewhere), and so that the number of deaths increases drastically, the members of the master race would quickly identify the guilty party, the “infiltrates” among themselves and get to work. If you want, you can already hear how the knives are being sharpened and the utensils laid out – for the world of tomorrow.

Then, in countless places, neighbours who had been warmly welcomed for decades, and their children, would suddenly turn into Chinese, Asians, etc. and be looked at obliquely from a safe distance by – not only – older ex-neighbours, when they step out to take a breath of fresh air in front of the house or would go out into the school yard. These gentlemen would, of course, be certain that those bat-eating Chinese dragged the plague with them, out of their contaminated holes into their nice, clean Germany. But that would be nothing extraordinary, neither in Germany, nor elsewhere. On the contrary, it would be the most basal, that could only increase. In this context, it would make sense to recall that it was always the neighbours who quickly made lances out of bamboo poles, or simply misused an existing tool as an instrument of death. Every master race would quickly begin to process the eternal delinquents among themselves as those actually responsible for the epidemic – as is so often the case in history. The local execution of the purification process will take place with different parameters but according to the same blueprint.

What to do?

The so-called Marxists, anarchists and other critics and enemies of capitalism must now hope and pray that the PCP will not come to a standstill, that capitalism will not collapse. Because, if the PCP could not be brought back into line, the modern, civilized person would practically make use of his actual – and not infrequently, the only – ability for himself.

We, who are condemned as planet co-inhabitants to coexist with human beings, in addition to having to endure the pain of being counted among them without our approval, are guided in our inevitable interactions with the species Man by a single scale: for us, the individual is responsible for his or her individual contribution to human civilization, that is, he is to be measured against the degree of damage that he deliberately does to others and to life on the planet taken as a whole.

The urgent question remains to be clarified, as to how we should arm ourselves not only against the coronavirus pandemic, but above all against what will come afterwards, and this only practically, because then neither ideological nor otherwise theoretical explanations will be relevant.

Hugo, 24.04.2020

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